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mdw 05-08-2003 12:41 PM

Printing with Slackware 9
Any suggestions on getting printing working with Slackware 9.0?
I am using a HP Deskjet 660C on parallel port 1 and so far have been umable to gat it to print at all in KDE and only prints garbage in console mode.

Tinkster 05-08-2003 04:05 PM

I'd recommend searching this forum for a starter,
there have been tons of threads on that.

Then, there is, which
can spit out information on how to use your particular

And then, there's, which, in
my opinion, is the most flexible and versatile way
to print in Unix ;)


contrasutra 05-08-2003 05:07 PM

I have similar printer, and I couldnt get it installed w/ CUPS or anything. Then I found TURBOPRINT.

Its great, and easy to setup. And it will use any Print System you want, I use lpd.

The only difference between the free/pay versions is that the free version only lets you go up to 600dpi, but thats not a problem for us guys w/ older printers. ;)

mdw 05-08-2003 05:21 PM

Thanks for the replys, I really appreciate it.
Problem is I'm pretty much a newbi here and as such don't understand much of the unix-linux techno jargon. I will look into the sites posted in replys but I have already been to the linuxprinting and cups sites but they didn't make much sense to me.
I will check out the turboprint site asap and hope it helps.
It seems to me that the hardest thing about setting linux up is finding the right info.
I think a major distribution like slackware which I paid for in box set could include easy to follow instructions on how to do a basic setup.

thanks again,

mdw 05-08-2003 07:57 PM

Turboprint worked
Downloaded, installed, configured Turboprint and it seems to be working great. I'm not sure about the life expectancy of my printer though what with all the klunking and clacking going on.
I guess it may finally be time for a new printer.
thanks for all the help

mdw 05-10-2003 02:27 PM

Responding to my own post here.
Even though I could print in X with TurboPrint I still could not print in console mode. Found instruction on setting up printing in mail to root from Patrick at Slackware. I was playing around in Pine when I foud it. Basically I set up apsfilter and I can now print in console. Had to do some editing of /etc/printcap though to get it working. Now when i print in X I get a test page from Cups? Don't know whats up with that but I'm still pluggin away at it.
Maybe this will help someone or maybe somone can set me straight on this printing in Slack :).

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