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Mentes 04-28-2003 11:14 PM

Well, let me explain...
I wish to get Slackware 9, yet my problem is this. I have Windows XP installed on all 120 Gb of my hard drive. I want to partition it, yet I hear of all sorts of problems cause by partition magic and such. I want to keep my data, yet I want slackware 9 also. I installed Win98SE with fat32, then converted it to an NTFS. So I currently have NTFS. I cant purchase another hard drive because I cut out all my drive bays to fit my water cooler....So is there any possible way I can keep my data, without corrupting it or getting a million errors, and get slackware. Thanks and please respond, because I really wish to end my useage of Windows and become a Full Linux user oneday...

unSpawn 04-29-2003 06:32 AM

Maybe try the Linux-NTFS Project. If you want to read the FAQ there try Googles' cache of the page.

jharris 04-29-2003 06:37 AM

Personally I would backup the important files, try something like PartitionMagic and if it works great, if not reinstall from scrach leaving a nice chunk for Slackware.



qa1433 04-29-2003 02:59 PM

TopologiLinux version 3.1.0 (released 2003-04-29)

Topologilinux has released version 3.1.0 which has many new features. You can run it under any version of Windows! Both NTFS and FAT filesystems are supported. You do not have to Partiition your drive. It will coexsist with XP on the NTFS partition.

This version now also includes the Alsa sound drivers which makes almost all soundcard work This distribution are based entirely on Slackware 9.0 with Gnome 2.2 Kde 3.1 and many other appz. Licq and Wine are included (a linux ICQ client and a program to run your Windows appz in) also.

Topologilinux is very easy to install just insert the cd when you are in XP windows and the installation starts automatically. Then you boot with the cd ISO you downloaded, and write "install" and press enter and install your Slack 9 system. Then your system is installed just insert this cd and press enter when you want to run

Go to the Download area and download or order a cd with Topologilinux 3.1.0 and enjoy!
(When you have installed Topologilinux and boot it up for the first time and are prompted to run setup.
Before you do that enter "cd .." then "setup")

Complete bootable install isofile (668Mb) Click here to Download !
An extra cd with many great appz (498Mb) Click here to Download !

This should solve your problem. Topologilinux runs very fast. It is faster then XP on new HP my system.

Try it! You will be pleased!
Have fun,
paul :Pengy:

TheMuso 04-29-2003 10:00 PM

Nothing beats running Linux on it's native filesystem though, I.E Ext2/Ext3/ReiserFS

Too risky IMO to put Linux onto a FAT partition, or even NTFS for that matter.


qa1433 04-29-2003 10:46 PM

I have installed it on 5 NTFS machines. Works great! Have not had any problems. However, it is a good idea to back up your important files. You should be doing so anyways.

During part 1 of the install you have the option of creating Ext2/Ext3/ReiserFS filesystems. You decide how much room you need. However, if you need more then 2 gig than you will want to install it on an NTFS partition. NTFS partitions have the ability to read 2 tera bytes. My install consumes 7gig for TopologiLinux. You must do it or you do not go to part 2 of the install. This (part 2) is the actual Slack 9 install. Once installed you will notice how fast it runs. It runs much faster the all RPM based (on thier own dedicated partition) distros I have tried. The only Distro that rivals TopologiLinux is Libranet 2.7 (debian based) installed on its own partiotion.

I am sure that if I did a partitioned Slack 9 install it would out perform my Libranet 2.7 install. TopologiLinux defenitly runs faster then XP home edition.


jacobly 05-03-2003 03:40 PM

I have a 20 GB disk which holds the bulk of my Windows 2000 installation. I managed to clear off about 5 GB in order to make a partition at the end of the disk and install RedHat. I wasn't too sure it was going to work since the partition was past the 2 GB mark but I couldn't move the Windows partition because it too had to be before the 2 GB mark.

I used Partition Magic to create an EXT3 partition at the end of the disk.

My initial install didn't go to well--I was unable to boot into Linux and Windows forgot that it existed.

So, I had to re-install Windows on a separate HD to recover the system (That's ok--it was bloated and buggy anyway). The drive letters changed and everything went to hell.

Once I was back on my feet, I went back to install Linux again. This time, I moved the Windows partition a little using Partition Magic and created a 100MB /boot partition at the beginning of the disk. Install went just fine, Grub can dual-boot and Windows is happy as a clam since it doesn't know Linux exists on the same drive.

I'm no expert, but I think that if the boot partition is at the begining of the disk, Linux and the bootloaders don't care where the rest of the install lives.

Much more logical and intelligent than Windows that has to have a C: drive or freaks out.

Good luck to you,


Astro 05-03-2003 05:46 PM

IMHO anything that claims to be linux and run on the windows partition might as well be considered windows as well.

cody 06-20-2003 06:22 AM

questions for qa1433:
Does topologi linux have to boot into linux? I am wondering if its still like dual-boot installation except the files are exist in win partition or does it run like an emulator or an app like winlinux?

I am just confused by this in the faq:

Q. Will Topologilinux run on my version of Windows?

A. YES, Topologilinux works with any version of Windows or Dos. Works with both FAT and NTFS partitions. You just need the CD to boot with if you use NTFS
Does it actually run on windows or u still have to boot into it?

gamehack 06-20-2003 06:40 AM

Just Use Partition Magic 8
use Partition Magic 8 and always will be okay.

nautilus_1987 06-20-2003 08:07 AM

use sfdisk :) kidding
Personally, I never had problems with PM7.0 PRO on two disketes and I advice you to use them. If you want I can email you these disketes.

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