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JayCee 06-28-2002 12:23 PM

pre-order of 8.1
Hey all,
Just wondering what is going to happen with the pre-ordered Slack 8.1 stuff?
Will they ship 8.1 as it was on release two weeks or so ago? Or will they ship the patched version... 8.1.1 is it?
I would hope that they would delay shipping and send out 8.1.1 but as that may cost them money, I don't know if they would. I have already run into a computer where it couldn't boot off the install iso, and had to use boot disks, and I hear this is a common problem, and I am hoping 8.1.1 corrects this...
If not, I am going to end up having to DL the latest iso again when it is fixed, which sort of makes me regret ordering it right away...

I guess I should ask as well if 8.1.1 fixes the trouble others have had with booting off the iso. (I have heard this is a common problem as a friend says there are a ton of people talking about it in the newsgroups.)

NSKL 06-28-2002 01:33 PM

I think the problem about booting of off ISOs is due to people burning ISOs incorrectly or some thing like that, dont worry, Slack 8.1 "official" CDs will work fine, never had a problem with 8.0 so no reasoon to worry about 8.1.

Excalibur 06-28-2002 10:24 PM

According to to Slack web site, they did "stop the presses" because of the last minute update. It was a security related issue and they did not want a new package without the update. I would of course expect it to delay the delivery a bit.

The ISO boot image process has changed since 8.0. You can read about it in the ISOLINUX directory. I had to reauthor the ISO image I downloaded and I followed the process stated there to make it bootable. The CD's I burned have booted now on three different machines. And no failures. So there could be a lot of different issues behind the problems being reported. With all the different machine architectures out there, the factory press silver CD is the best for booting purposes.


freakallen 06-29-2002 11:03 AM

Open SSL Fix
Does anyone know if slackware cds will be shiped out to include the open ssl update/fix that is listed in the changelog for 8.1 as of 6/26/02? I hope so, but if not ohwell. Any happen to know a estimated date the offcial pre-ordered cds will be shiped out? Thanks in advance.

JayCee 07-02-2002 04:14 PM

cool thanks for the replies!!!

piraxter 07-05-2002 02:17 PM

Buy Slack 8.1 from Mexico..
Hi guys..!!
Last time I send a email to Slackware Store Webmaster, to ask about shop Slackware:confused: with my credit card and ask about to send me my slackware 8.1 to Mexico ..
But I did not obtain answer.

Somebody here have any idea about it ? (buy and send slackware packages to mexico)

Regards.. :o


pickledbeans 07-05-2002 03:10 PM

xcp 07-05-2002 06:22 PM

Buying from cheapbytes doesn't help Pat at all.

pickledbeans 07-05-2002 08:21 PM

I ignoring customers won't help him either.
If he is going to put "Inc." after his name then someone
at Slackware, Inc. has to address these customer issue.
Such has not sending out confimration.
This has been a problem eversence Walnut Creek' got bought out.

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