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slackist 08-28-2004 08:24 AM

pppsetup messes up kppp, then gnome

I use kppp to dial up (under Gnome), but decided to try to configure ppp with the pppsetup utility.

I entered everything fine, dial-up seems OK (no errors) but once "connected" I can't ping or resolve sites.

OK, no biggie, I try to use kppp like before (as normal user) and now it also will seemingly connect OK, but I can't ping etc. It works fine if I startx as root.

So I put an entry into sudoers and kppp works again as user.

I had to restart the computer for an unrelated reason and then startx failed with a message about not being able to read /home/mark/.ICEauthority :scratch:

ls -l /home/mark/ICEauthority showed -rw------- root root

so I chmod 666 .ICEauthority and X starts fine again.

Is it possible that the probs with X are related to me messing about with pppsetup or kppp? or have I screwed something else up? :o

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions


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