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pasquall 04-06-2021 12:05 PM

Powering off after upgrade to current
Hello everyone,

Since upgrade to current, sometimes my laptop is shutting down when screen is locked. And there is no log showing what´s happening.

Do you have any idea how to debug this issue?


frankbell 04-06-2021 07:21 PM

The first thing I'd check is to make sure the cooling vents are all free of dust and otherwise unobstructed and that the fan is operational. Overheating is the most common cause of unexpected shutdowns.

Just out of curiosity, which logs did you check?

pasquall 04-07-2021 06:09 AM

All coolers are working fine, it doesn´t look to be hardware related.

I´ve checked all file logs at /var/log:


igadoter 04-07-2021 06:24 AM

The first thing is desktop you are running. I got troubles with Xfce screen lock. So I disabled it.

pasquall 04-07-2021 06:41 AM

It is Xfce.

Are you using another screen lock?

igadoter 04-07-2021 06:54 AM

You can use xscreensaver screen lock. Not very nice - just ugly - or maybe can be customized to look better. But it should work.

Edit: sorry I missed the point. Just run xscreensaver with lock screen option. Nice floating images - but screen is locked. One needs to input password.

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