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GATTACA 07-20-2005 08:23 AM

Post KDE 3.4.1 compile annoying kate messages

I've compiled KDE 3.4.1 from source. I followed the development instructions from KDE's website (make new user kdevel, etc..).

The compile went relatively smoothly, no problems at all. However, whenever I'm in a console and I type say: "kate textfile.txt" I get a bunch of warnings scrolling across the screen. Here is an example of the text I'm talking about:
kate: Inserted command:exttool-runscript
kate: Inserted command:exttool-google-selection
kio (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from /var/tmp/kdecache-dfermin/ksycoca
kio (KTrader): query for KTextEditor/Plugin : returning 4 offers
kio (KDirWatch): Available methods: Stat
kate: Inserted command:indent
kate: Inserted command:unindent
kate: Inserted command:cleanindent
kate: Inserted command:comment
kate: Inserted command:uncomment
kate: Inserted command:goto
kate: Inserted command:kill-line
kate: Inserted command:set-tab-width
kate: Inserted command:set-replace-tabs
kate: Inserted command:set-show-tabs
kate: Inserted command:set-remove-trailing-space
kate: Inserted command:set-indent-spaces
kate: Inserted command:set-indent-width
kate: Inserted command:set-mixed-indent
kate: Inserted command:set-indent-mode
kate: Inserted command:set-auto-indent
kate: Inserted command:set-line-numbers
kate: Inserted command:set-folding-markers
kate: Inserted command:set-icon-border
kate: Inserted command:set-word-wrap
kate: Inserted command:set-word-wrap-column
kate: Inserted command:set-replace-tabs-save
kate: Inserted command:set-remove-trailing-space-save
kate: Inserted command:set-highlight
kate: Inserted command:s
kate: Inserted command:%s
kate: Inserted command:$s
kate: Inserted command:char
kate: Inserted command:date
kate: Inserted command:find
kate: Inserted command:replace
kate: Inserted command:ifind
kparts: found KParts Plugin : /opt/kde_3.4.1/share/apps/katepart/kpartplugins/katepartkttsd.rc
Kate (Document): [int KateFileTypeManager::fileType(KateDocument*)]
kio (KTrader): query for Kate/ProjectPlugin : returning 1 offers
kio (KTrader): query for Kate/Plugin : returning 0 offers
kdeui (KDockWidget): : KDockWidget::setHeader
kdeui (KDockWidget): KDockWidgetHeader::showUndockButton(true)
kdeui (KDockWidget): KDockWidgetHeader::showUndockButton(false)
kdeui (KDockWidget): : KDockWidget::setHeader

My guess is that this is debugging information.
Is there any way to suppress this output in the terminal?

It's driving me mad since I can't continue to use the terminal I called Kate from. Every time I switch between console and kate, more messages scroll across the console screwing up whatever I was working on.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can make.


keefaz 07-20-2005 09:08 AM

Maybe try start Kate with :

kate textfile.txt > /dev/null 2>&1
Or recompile KDE without debug options, try ./configure --help

GATTACA 07-20-2005 09:47 AM

Well, recompiling will take more time than I have. It might be easier just download the *.tgz packages an install them instead. I don't think I'll notice a huge performance difference.

Your first suggestion worked like a charm!

Here's how I applied it:
1) create a script in my ~/bin directory called ''
2) script:
/absolute/path/to/kate $1 > /dev/null/ 2>&1

3) chmod +x ~/bin/
4) add this line to my ~/.bashrc file
alias kate='~/bin/'

Now the debugging messages are gone!

I know this probably isn't the most elegant solution but it works.

Thanks for your help keefaz!

BTW what does the '2>&1' part of the command do?

keefaz 07-20-2005 10:20 AM

2>&1 : redirect both standard error and standard output
Take a look at :

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