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1337_powerslacker 01-30-2014 04:52 PM

Pat V.:New config file for 3.13?
I have been reading up on 3.13, and it looks like the open source driver support for the Radeon HD 7000 series (which I have on my laptop) is quite good. I would like to use this kernel, but it looks like there are enough changes to 3.13 that the config file for 3.12 is not working well. Is there any possibility that you could post a default config file for 3.13? It would be greatly appreciated.



enorbet 01-30-2014 06:55 PM

Hi I'm curious as to what you mean by "not working well"? It seems to me if you use the "config-huge-smp-3.12-smp" and run "make oldconfig" all the drivers that make your hardware run will still be there, so it will boot when you complete. Then you can go through with "make menuconfig" or "make xconfig" and check off the new additions you want for Radeon and whatever else. Freedom, Man!

TobiSGD 01-31-2014 12:54 AM

I just did, as I always do

zcat /proc/config.gz >.config
make oldconfig
[Press Enter until all questions are answered]

The radeon driver needs no option to be enabled extra, all new options are enabled by default.
If you want to get the best performance from your HD7000 card you should also update LLVM, libdrm and Mesa to the latest versions.

ReaperX7 01-31-2014 02:43 AM

Yes. Radeon drivers require LLVM/Clang, libdrm, GlamorEGL, MesaLib, and xf86-video-ati packages latest versions to have the most up-to-date support for the free driver. If you need to configure them, grab driconf from

As far as the kernel, yes, running make oldconfig against the 3.12 config Patrick currently has available will fully update the config file to add new settings and remove deprecated ones if they are removed. Running make menuconfig or make xconfig afterwards is recommended to see if anything extra was added. This way you can have the latest kernel with a proper configuration. Enjoy.

1337_powerslacker 01-31-2014 07:15 AM

Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll certainly do those things.



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