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linuxbird 12-12-2012 05:16 AM

PAE turned on on Slackware 14 32bit SMP?
I am trying to definitively find out if Slackware 14.0 has PAE turned on for the 32 bit distribution.

The release says this:

On the 32-bit side of things, there
are both SMP (multiple processor capable) and non-SMP (single
processor) kernels. The non-SMP kernel is mostly intended for machines
that can't run the SMP kernel, which is anything older than a Pentium
III, and some models of the Pentium M that don't support PAE. On
32-bit, it is highly recommended to use the SMP kernel if your machine
is able to boot with it (even if you have only a single core) because
the optimization and memory handling options should yield better
However, I have 8 gb in a motherboard, and only 3.3 gb is showing after boot. Yet running memtest, 8gb shows. I searched /proc but didn't find anything which would indicate PAE, except that kcore had a string which matched, and I don't consider that definitive one way or another.

Alternatively, can someone tell me where I might determine that PAE is on for a given kernel?


TobiSGD 12-12-2012 05:39 AM

The SMP kernel has PAE enabled. If you want to determine the status of PAE for a running kernel try it with

zcat /proc/config.gz | grep PAE

linuxbird 12-12-2012 08:59 AM

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Didn't realize that the config was there.

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