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laydros 01-20-2005 11:17 AM

package management
i was a hardcore slacker for a long time, but went off to check out ubuntu and a few other things for a few months, but im messing with slack on a new box. one of the reasons i pretty much dropped slack was swaret became a mess. it was a great piece of software that i knew how to make work well, and generally didn't fail. i had tried slapt-get but didnt' like it as much. honestly, this was just because i was used to swaret.

anyway, i went to get swaret, and it looks like the lastet development was august/september, so im guessing its pretty much dead. what is the deal with that, is slapt-get still getting maintained, and what is everybody else using now, and for what reasons, thanks!

320mb 01-20-2005 12:03 PM

well, Pat V. dropped swaret from Slack 10..............he finally figured out swaret was a peice of junk.......
but some people still insist on using it...........oh well .............some people never learn

laydros 01-20-2005 02:06 PM

well, since swaret was kinda acceptted as a standard there for a while, has anything replaced it?

sporks 01-20-2005 02:21 PM

It's not dead or junk either one.

the above link was posted 11 Jan 05

laydros 01-21-2005 01:57 AM


Phathead 01-21-2005 02:28 PM

I've been using swaret for a long time and havn't had any problems. The current stable version is 1.6.2 and can be found here: Swaret gets slammed a lot here for some reason, but I like it.

It's not perfect, but I don't think any package management tool for any distribution is perfect. It looks like the newer versions (1.7) support compiling new packages automatically.

GrayGhost 01-21-2005 07:43 PM

I too have used swaret for many updates/upgrades. Even upgraded my kernel (gasp) without problems. But I never let it blindly upgrade anything (using the -a switch), I always have it prompt me and read the display. I also check the slackware changelog to see what to expect and only use mirrors that are listed on the slackware site. So far using swaret this way has worked for me w/o fail.
But as always your mileage may vary :)

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