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xanas3712 09-21-2004 11:05 PM

Odd Problem KDE doesn't work with "big desktop"
I'm running the newest current KDE on my system, and for some reason when I use "big desktop" mode on the ATI it doesn't let both monitors work *correctly* The left one works fine, but the right one boots up into kde and then during the startup screen it cuts off and that one is stuck with an image of the startup window (half of it anyway) and I can't move my mouse there at that point. The mode works fine in fluxbox though. Any ideas on why KDE is flipping out on big desktop mode? I haven't had the problem before, though I don't think I've tried it since reinstall. I'm running the latest ATI drivers, which work well for 3d at least and the older ones never had this trouble. Not sure what's up.

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