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pg99 03-31-2011 07:01 PM

nvidia install problem on current
I've just updated my -current install and am trying to build the nvidia driver after booting into the new generic smp kernel.

I get an error early on "ERROR: Unable to determine the NVIDIA kernel module filename." which I assumed would be something like a problem with the kernel name reported by uname not matching any kernel sources or headers on the system, but I checked that and they do seem to match.

here's the full installer log file

nvidia-installer log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log'
creation time: Fri Apr  1 00:43:08 2011
installer version: 260.19.44


option status:
  license pre-accepted              : true
  update                            : false
  force update                      : false
  expert                            : false
  uninstall                          : false
  driver info                        : false
  precompiled interfaces            : true
  no ncurses color                  : false
  query latest version              : false
  no questions                      : false
  silent                            : false
  no recursion                      : false
  no backup                          : false
  kernel module only                : false
  sanity                            : false
  add this kernel                    : false
  no runlevel check                  : false
  no network                        : false
  no ABI note                        : false
  no RPMs                            : false
  no kernel module                  : false
  force SELinux                      : default
  no X server check                  : false
  no cc version check                : false
  run distro scripts                : true
  no nouveau check                  : false
  run nvidia-xconfig                : false
  sigwinch work around              : true
  force tls                          : (not specified)
  X install prefix                  : (not specified)
  X library install path            : (not specified)
  X module install path              : (not specified)
  OpenGL install prefix              : (not specified)
  OpenGL install libdir              : (not specified)
  utility install prefix            : (not specified)
  utility install libdir            : (not specified)
  installer prefix                  : (not specified)
  doc install prefix                : (not specified)
  kernel name                        : (not specified)
  kernel include path                : (not specified)
  kernel source path                : (not specified)
  kernel output path                : (not specified)
  kernel install path                : (not specified)
  precompiled kernel interfaces path : (not specified)
  precompiled kernel interfaces url  : (not specified)
  proc mount point                  : /proc
  ui                                : (not specified)
  tmpdir                            : /tmp
  ftp mirror                        :
  RPM file list                      : (not specified)
  selinux chcon type                : (not specified)

Using: nvidia-installer ncurses user interface
-> License accepted by command line option.
-> Installing NVIDIA driver version 260.19.44.
-> Performing CC sanity check with CC="cc".
-> Performing CC version check with CC="cc".
-> Kernel source path: '/lib/modules/'
-> Kernel output path: '/lib/modules/'
-> Performing rivafb check.
-> Performing nvidiafb check.
-> Performing Xen check.
ERROR: Unable to determine the NVIDIA kernel module filename.
ERROR: Installation has failed.  Please see the file
      '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for details.  You may find suggestions
      on fixing installation problems in the README available on the Linux
      driver download page at

uname -a on my system returns:

Linux kirk #1 SMP Wed Mar 23 23:54:30 CDT 2011 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
and here is the output of "slackpkg search kernel":

The list below shows all packages with name matching "kernel".

[ installed ] - kernel-firmware-
[uninstalled] - kernel-generic-
[ installed ] - kernel-generic-smp-
[uninstalled] - kernel-huge-
[ installed ] - kernel-huge-smp-
[uninstalled] - kernel-modules-
[ installed ] - kernel-modules-smp-
[ installed ] - kernel-headers-
[ installed ] - kernel-source-

this is a 32-bit system.

Anyone know what's going on here?

mRgOBLIN 03-31-2011 07:58 PM



cd /usr/src/linux && make prepare
See if that helps any.

willysr 03-31-2011 07:59 PM

hm... it should work, since i also used the same version of NVidia but different kernel version

what option did you use to compile your NVidia driver?

pg99 04-01-2011 03:00 AM


Originally Posted by mRgOBLIN (Post 4310150)


cd /usr/src/linux && make prepare
See if that helps any.

Thanks, the error from that gave me the clue I needed! I had set an ARCH=i686 env var for slackbuilds purposes, once I unset it the build worked fine.

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