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freakcode 03-07-2004 08:17 PM

NVIDIA 2 Integrated Graphics on Slackware 9
Hi 31337 people out there!

First, let me apologize for my bad english. I'm brazilian, so my english sucks :D

Ok, here we go. I've got Slackware 9. I've got NVIDIA 2 Integrated Graphics GPU on an ASUS A7N266 motherboard. I've got the NVIDIA driver for linux of my graphics board. This driver is a .sh script that installs a module, configures the xfree86 and recompiles the kernel.

After all, the install script says that's all OK, that I need to reboot and try the X.
When I go startx, my computer hangs. No Ctrl+Alt+Backspace... Hangs for sure! :(

I need heeeelp. :confused:

veritas 03-07-2004 09:51 PM

First of all, I'm guessing you did run xf86config first?

Did you edit the config file (/etc/X11/XF86Config) like the readme said?

Basically, go to the "Graphics Device" section and then go to the bottom of that section. Where is says

Driver "something"

make sure it says

Driver "nvidia"

Next go to the "Module" Section, it should be at the very top of the file, and then make sure Load "dri" is commented out, and make sure that Load "glx" is not commented.

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