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leeman_s 07-31-2003 08:45 AM

Now that linux is installed....
I chose WindowMaker for the gui. I didn't want something that'd hog resources because the computer it's on is REALLY slow. It's sort of weird...I have to left click for a menu to come up, and none of the applications work except for netscape.

This is the error I get: "Error: cannot execute ____" and then underline part is the name of the program.

So, that's my first question.

Second, what can I do now that linux is installed? lol, i'm a real newbie.

slakmagik 07-31-2003 08:50 AM

It may be that windowmaker just has a default menu that doesn't correspond to apps you actually have on your system. You'll need to edit that file to reflect what you've actually got. Another thing is to make sure that, if you do have the app, the menu points to the right location, that that location is on your path, and that you have permission to execute those apps.

Second - I'm learning about grep and sed and sort and uniq - using cli tools to automate some stuff I need to process. And I'm also listening to Ministry on xmms and surfing with mozilla. Basically, you can do anything.

'Do whatever the hell you want to do!
Now is the time to do whatever you want and it will still turn out
great. You've got the whole world at your feet'

-- Faith No More "Anne's Song" :D

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