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BobNutfield 08-06-2009 07:57 AM

Not a Slackware issue, but can anyone help with this?
Hello Everyone,

The only reason I have Ubuntu on my laptop is to do video editing with Kdenlive, as I was never able install the source packages in Slackware. As it turns out, a user named Drumar on the Kdenlive forum has created Slackware packages for Kdenlive and MLT (Media Lovin' Toolkit). These two packages are required. The install seemed to go fine, but it will not open or run. I don't believe it is a dependency issue. When opened, I get a dialogue box which says that it could not locate the MLT profiles. In the dialogue box, the path /usr/share/mlt/profiles is already highlighted, which is actually where the profiles are. So, I click OK and I get the opening screen which immediately halts with:


MLT's SDL modules could not be found. Check your MLT installation.  Kdenlive will not start until this is fixed.
I have asked this question on their forum, but there is not much activity there and I have been wrestling with this for three days. Obviously, somewhere in the program it is looking for the profiles file somewhere other than where they actually are. I have removed and reinstalled both apps a number of times, no result. One possible solution indicated on an old post in their forum suggested a buggy frei0r-plugin in MLT, so I removed those as suggested to avail.

I wouldn't be dissapointed if no one here is able to help as it is not Slackware related but an application problem. But, since there are so many wise people here, I thought possibly someone may give me a tip on where to start investigating.

Any help appreciated.


Ramurd 08-06-2009 09:55 AM


The Drumar is me, last week I've had a badass flu so I have not been there, this week I've begn working on a "clean" -current system, creating new packages. Last night I came as far as having a new MLT package, tonight I expect to be able to release a new kdenlive package.

Would love to hear more feedback, especially once I have some more clean packages created, with better dependencies.

You can try out the new MLT package from here:

BobNutfield 08-06-2009 10:21 AM

Hi Ramurd,

Thanks for replying. Man, I sympathize with having the flu. Swine flu is rampant here, but (thankfully) I have avoided it. I wrote a post in Kdenlive forum with this issue and I have seen a couple of others who have had a similar problem with other distro installs. Your packages installed smoothly, but I cannot figure out why it continues to complain about the location of the mlt profiles when they are where the dialogue box shows them. I will remove the MLT package I have and install your new one. I will report back in the Kdenlive forum with the results.

Thanks again.


Ramurd 08-06-2009 03:56 PM

hehe, having the flu is something that happens to all people from time to time ;-)

I would like to refer to the kdenlive forums on this topic, as it seems things only get repeated here. I'm fairly active on both (as in, checking in on each nearly every day). I hope to be able to come with a solution this weekend. For further details: see

Ramurd 08-08-2009 03:22 AM

Just to update you here as well: two new packages have been released a few minutes ago which should bring the fix.

BobNutfield 08-08-2009 05:54 AM

Thanks, I will check them out now. By the way, in the other thread here I noted that I now have Cinelerra working as well


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