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irgunII 12-11-2012 07:35 PM

No sound in web-based videos (YouTube, etc)
I can go to any site that has a video embedded in it and it will play just fine but no sound.

Could it possibly be from installing Alien's ffmpeg that I built after reading about it on another thread this morning?

My music plays fine in audacious, movies play fine on Xine, all sound is good except for on websites and I can't find any setting in the browser pref's to make any difference, though I don't think it matters as it's the same in all the browsers I use (Seamonkey, Firefox, Opera).

I finally got satellite internet after having lived with 16 years of dialup and it sucks I *still* can't get anything from video's on the web. <sigh>

Any help/suggestions with this will sure be appreciated.

Oh...I'm using Slackware 14.0 32 bit KDE and once-in-a-while KDE Openbox.

Alien Bob 12-12-2012 04:13 AM

It may be related to your default sound device. Check posts like this one:


irgunII 12-12-2012 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Alien Bob (Post 4847561)
It may be related to your default sound device. Check posts like this one:


Hi Alien,

Unfortunately that link didn't help any. I have only an asound.state file and it has 243 'controls' to it and all in xml so that it was nigh near looking like it was written in chinese as far as I was concerned, heh.

Also, just for kicks, I reinstalled my old ffmpeg that I removed after building yours and installing it and it didn't make any difference, so at least now we know it had nothing to do with that.

Thanks though for the suggestion. I'm going to piddle around in system settings again and play with a couple different things there in multimedia and hope something happens.

irgunII 12-12-2012 07:43 PM

I've learned a little more about this problem. It seems it's a shockwave flash thing. No swf files I have will play sound.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix the flash sound thing? It used to work just fine, could play any swf or flash thing on the web I wanted and have sound.

irgunII 12-15-2012 01:53 PM

Seems it *was* what AlienBob said, only I had to find out how to find out what was *causing* it from somewhere else. I did a cat /proc/asound/modules and saw that snd_hda_intel was taking up the first slot as my sound hardware every time at boot (no idea where it was coming from!). Someone had told another of a similar problem and added a blacklist file to /etc/modprode.d So, I tried it and made me a BLACKLIST-snd_hda_intel.conf file with 'blacklist snd_hda_intel' (w/out the quotes) inside it and put it in /etc/modprode.d and then did a 'modprobe BLACKLIST-snd_hda_intel.conf' and rebooted and voila! I now have sound back again on website videos!

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