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watashiwaotaku7 03-15-2003 07:45 PM

no enlightenment??
why is there no enlightenment in slack current, or have i missed it? i made an iso for 9.0rc2 and installed it, i removed the kde and kdei packages to make it fit and when i installed it i was faced with a very shortened list of wm to choose from afterwards i installed kde because i thought it might have something to do with that but no i ran xwmconfig and its not there does anyone know if it is included or has it been dropped entirely from slackware?

Astro 03-15-2003 10:09 PM

As far as I can tell yes, I am a big enlightenment user and had to go about installing from source and I don't like it at all... :-(

solnul 03-15-2003 10:29 PM

The E packages got moved into pasture with gnome 1.4 and then deleted. This happened with the update from gnome 1.2 to 1.4, too, and they took a while to come back.


OK, I don't really think there's any hope.

Astro 03-17-2003 01:50 PM

What happened to E is right here...
Just decided to mail pat about E, just get the story straight..

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Bradley A.Bowers wrote:
> Just a question, but what happened to E in slackware? In 8.1 that
> was the only thing I liked for a wm other that gnome. I found it
> kinda cumbersome to compile it all from source and install, found I
> didn't get it just how I wanted like when I had the slack pack
> installed. I heard it got moved to /pasture/ like gnome 1.2 did a
> while back, but I was wondering what actually happened or if that
> was it?

Yes, Enlightenment first went to /pasture, and then was removed. The main
reason is that I've decided not to support anything that uses Imlib.
There's a technical basis for the decision -- Imlib seems unmaintained and
has some known major bugs. Worse, for Imlib2 they rely on a new library
they created called libast (for "library of assorted spiffy things").
Unfortunately, there's already an established libast from AT&T Bell Labs
that's been around forever, and is already part of Slackware (the K shell
uses it). Mostly because of that conflict, Imlib related things had to
go. But (to be honest), also because there are IMHO better choices these
days than there were when E was at its peak. There needed to be a
thinning of the herd anyway.

Sorry if it was one of your favorites...

Take care,


solnul 03-17-2003 02:01 PM

Ahh, well, now is a good time for e16. GNOME2/KDE3 support is coming, and the Rasterman has started rumors of a 0.16.6 release.

Astro 03-19-2003 04:16 PM

E17 is really nice from what I have seen so far, but 16.6 with some well needed updates would be REALLY nice. I'm quite partial to E, but since it's gone from the 9 install of slackware I might have to look elsewhere for a nice simplistic WM...

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