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Woodsman 03-29-2013 03:39 PM

No bells or whistles default KDE profile
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I cobbled together a handful of user profile config files that can be used to start KDE with no bells and whistles. I keep the files stored at /etc/skel. Using the config files will do the following:

* No desktop effects/compositing
* No animations
* Nepomuk does not start
* Akonadi does not start
* Reduced tooltips

The files are not intended as any political statement. They are intended for people who want to start KDE with no bells and whistles and then enable what they want as they explore KDE, rather than have most of the bells and whistles already enabled as the default.

Before starting KDE, copy the files to $HOME. When copying the files into a $HOME directory, remember to chown the files as appropriate.

All of the disabled options can be restored after starting KDE.


* I have the mouse configured for left-hand use (buttons swapped) in kcminputrc. That is what I use and I'm not changing that option here. Right-handed users can suffer for once. :)

* The default mouse selection is double-click. The double-click time is slower than default to help us slow folks.

* Korganizer does not start as is typical because korganizer triggers akonadi (korgacrc).

* The akonadi server is configured not to start (~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc).

* Nepomuk is configured not to run.

* Login and logout sounds are disabled.

* Many krunner options are disabled because they trigger nepomuk or akonadi.

* kwallet is disabled.

* The launcher menu is configured for a traditional menu rather than kickoff.

* The default panel is modified to provide a Show Desktop icon rather than an Activities icon.

Some applets (digital clock) trigger akonadi through the displayEvents= config setting. These config files address that.

The file is tar.gz with a txt extension to allow attaching.

Use the files as you wish. Change them to suit your needs. :)

PrinceCruise 03-29-2013 03:46 PM

I'm one of them who can't cut without KDE but disable all the bells & whistles you mentioned above. Thanks for sharing.


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