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leprkhn 08-23-2008 11:28 AM

no 1280x1024
running slackware 12.1 with nvidia drivers installed and i can't seem to get a resolution of 1280x1024. i have used this monitor (a dell lcd - not sure which model) with debian, (k)ubuntu, sabayon, and windows; and all gave me the option of 1280x1024.
in my xorg.conf i deleted every resolution except 1280x1024, and that did nothing. i'm not sure what else to try.

any suggestions?

brianL 08-23-2008 12:02 PM

I had the same problem, so I just ran xorgsetup (the simplest of several solutions) in a terminal, answered a few questions - and it worked.

leprkhn 08-23-2008 01:57 PM

that did it!
thank you very much.

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