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rouvas 05-16-2013 05:44 AM

Newest Firefox security update for 13.37 downgrades version from 20.0 to 17.0.6esr?
OK, I'm not sure if going from Firefox.20.0 to Firefox.17.0.6esr qualifies as a "downgrade", but isn't it curious?
Especially since FF.21.0 is offered for Slackware.14.0.
Can anyone offer some insight into this?

GazL 05-16-2013 05:47 AM

Haven't looked at it, but as a guess, perhaps FF 21 requires dependencies that are not in 13.37, meaning that going to the ESR is the only way to get the security updates.

Alien Bob 05-16-2013 05:57 AM

Indeed: building Firefox 21 requires Python 2.7 which is not included in Slackware older than 14.0. Therefore only Slackware 14 and -current can be upgraded to Firefox 21, the older releases will be updated with ESR releases from now on.


SpiderTux 05-16-2013 06:52 AM

some problem in slackware64-13.37 && slackware64-14.0 ChangeLog.txt in pkg mozilla-thunderbird-17.0.6

(* Security fix *)
patches/packages/*t?z: Upgraded.
missing pkg patches/packages/mozilla-thunderbird-17.0.6-x86_64-1_slack14.0.txz

onebuck 05-16-2013 08:42 AM

Member Response

It seems that package is still instead of 'mozilla-thunderbird-17.0.6' on
both and

Mozilla-Firefox-21.0 package was upgraded on both mirrors above.

kikinovak 05-16-2013 08:58 AM

Wouldn't this be one more argument in favour of adopting ESR releases in Slackware?

Alien Bob 05-16-2013 10:44 AM

I do not like ESR releases very much. They have no place in Slackware-current if you ask me. But they are a logical choice for the maintenance releases.


rouvas 05-16-2013 06:41 PM

I'm marking this as SOLVED as the justification provided was adequate.
The relative merits between current and ESR releases are beyond the scope of the original question.
Thanks @AlienBob for a quick resolution.

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