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patz 07-02-2003 08:43 PM

Newbieee Plz Help
The problem is the following, I installed slackware, difficultly comparing to conectiva version, but ok, then I installed it full featured, bur I type kde and can't get it to start it says like the command ins invalid
note: I deleted gnome folder from the ISO so I could get it on a RW, does that have something to do?
txss a lot

Tinkster 07-02-2003 08:47 PM

No worries with the gnome.

But it's right, kde isn't a "valid command".

What you want to do is either startx (which
most likely will bring up kde) or kdm, which
will give you the choice between various


patz 07-02-2003 08:49 PM

that'sss it! txs a lot :)
lol, i have forgotten about that

Tinkster 07-02-2003 08:53 PM

You're welcome :}

If you want to have kdm (or another
graphical login by default) have a closer
look at your /etc/inittab ;}


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