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270673 07-15-2004 08:22 PM

Newbie: Slackware 64bit AMD support (x86-64)?
I'm new to this forum & to Slackware. I was wondering, does Slackware fully support AMDs x86-64 extensions, ie. is there a Slackware port/version that runs natively 64 bit? Or is this planned for Slackware 11?

Just by browsings Slacks webpages I couldn't tell for sure, but it appeared not to exist yet...

TIA, Jesper Mortensen

tw001_tw 07-15-2004 08:57 PM

Kernel 2.6.x has support for the AMD 64 chip and ver 10 does include the option of installing kernel 2.6.7.

Not much info I know - hope it helps answer your question. -tw

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