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FreakboY 09-11-2005 09:20 PM

need help LDAP Slackware!
need help LDAP Slackware!
i've been reading guides and everything else on the web and
and still can't get my slackware box to run a simple LDAP server...
they seem real complex...

can anyone point me in the right direction!??

what do i need!??

- Berkeley DB latest is 4.3 -
- OpenLDAP stable is 2.2.26 20050429 -

thank you!

btmiller 09-11-2005 11:21 PM

What exact problems are you having? I was trying to set up OpenLDAP on Slack about a year or so ago and following various guides from (especially the quiock start guide) I got it essentially going. Note the AFAIK you can't authenticate off of LDAP without setting up PAM and in particular the pam_ldap module.

Alien Bob 09-12-2005 01:54 AM


From your post I cannot really determine how far you got before you got stuck. Did you successfully compile and install the openLDAP server software? If not, I can provide a build script for an older release (2.2.13) that might work for the current stable 2.2.26. You will need a version of Berkeley DB4, but you might just use the version that comes with Slackware.
I have ran OpenLDAP on my old Slackware 9.0 server for authentication (to see if it worked - it did!) but have since then re-installed a newer Slackware. There is no need for PAM on Slackware if you want LDAP authentication. There is a FAQ entry at the
a.o.l.s. FAQ if you want to know more about how to authenticate your users against an LDAP database.

The tutorial that is part of the OpenLDAP documentation should help you setup a basic LDAP server in a relatively short time: and I would suggest that you make yourself familiar with the LDIF file format so that you can add/modify stuff in your database once it is running.

Also, there are several good tools fdr manipulating LDAP server databases, The ones I use are ldapvi which is very nice if you want to make changes but don't know the LDIF file format, and JXplorer which is a great cross-platform (Java based) GUI appliction for manupulating an LDAP server at the low level.
For LDAP user management, there is a web-based tool called LAM which I use on Samba servers that authenticate against LDAP.

Hope all of this helps.

Cheers, Eric

matarodi 09-16-2005 06:25 AM

I wanna configure ldap & samba PDC for debian sarge but can not,i try 3 times and can not successful in ldap but configure samba as carefully,if possible for you please help me step by step on server and client separately.when client and server configuration in same place i mistake.

server side configuration steps:

client side configuration steps:

thank a lot

paul_mat 02-17-2007 09:51 AM

Samba & Openldap as Primary Domain Controller PDC
I have a how-to on my website for setting up samba as a primary domain controller (PDC)

OpenLDAP LAM Samba as PDC

and if you feeling a little bit more adventurous later on you could try getting into the policies with samba

Samba Primary Domain Controller with Group Policies

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