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Linuxidiot 05-21-2002 03:07 PM

n00b Slacker
Well, ok I am finally making a jump to some non RedHat Distros :D anyways anyone have any suggestions or tips for slackware? I figured since I was sick of problems I was having with RedHat 7.3 I was gonna try out Suse, Mandrake, Slack, and if nothing else go back to 7.2 cuz I have had nothing but weird problems with 7.3... (i.e. computer never froze up before 7.3 ):rolleyes:


The Idiot

gui10 05-22-2002 05:51 AM

it'll help a lot. and post at this forum for anything else. i got a lot of help from the slackers here.

slink 05-27-2002 10:51 AM

Yeah, reading the slack book online really helped. It is the only authoritative source on slack on the net. Other than this forum :)

taz.devil 05-27-2002 12:18 PM

You can also make ilfe alot easier if you want by going to It's a Slack dedicated site with precompiled binaries and a fairly decent forum although i think not as active.

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