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acummings 10-15-2009 01:44 PM

My spoofed browser string a.k.a cloaked with a purpose


(As to a tiny Windows Vista icon displaying in my posts @ linuxquestions) [my browser string is spoofed -- I spoofed it]

[This has to do with getting an 88 year old off of Win XP and MSN and on to Slackware while staying with MSN as much as possible - details follow, if interested]

I use a dual boot:

1. Slackware 13.0 64 bit

2. Slackware 12.2 32 bit

Now I'm booted / run # 2 there using Firefox web browser with spoofed browser string which shows me on the internet as running Windows Vista with MSIE 7 web browser.

There's absolutely no way that I would ever *really* run what my current browser string contains.

I had recently spoofed mine as a test / prelude to my doing so for my 88 year old father. He's too old (in his case) to learn new.

He recently came off of Windows XP with MSN his internet provider.

Internet to him means his dependency on his MSN internet portal (other family members in the past, not me).

I now have him on at&t DSL is his ISP. I have him on Slackware 12.2, KDE desktop, Firefox.

I now have him on a (free) MSN internet portal account. Due to M$ history of "exclude if not M$ Windows" (proprietary) I just went ahead and spoof his browser string to Win Vista, MSIE 7 [it's the irony that M$ begs for -- just to give (identifier string) M$ what it is that they're looking for]

It's been working adequately.

Go Slackware!!!!!!!!


mostlyharmless 10-15-2009 02:22 PM

But I hope your dad knows the truth.

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