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Anibal 07-31-2003 06:48 AM

My Howto install mplayer on slackware
Install alsa if you don't have it from (optional) some people will need it some not, if you don't know try to compile first without :

Download mplayer + codecs:

*MPlayer v0.90 source
*All-in-one package
*More binary codecs (Xanim, RealPlayer, QuickTime etc)

Create a directory /usr/lib/win32 put all the codecs in there
(how to make a directory ? mkdir )

Time to compile:
Unzip untar the MPlayer v0.90 source & compile like this:

./configure --enable-gui --enable-qtx-codecs --enable-largefiles --enablewin32 --enable-real --with-win32libdir=/usr/lib/win32 && make && make install

Will take some time.......

After everything is compile, try to play a media file ussing the command line:

#mplayer yourmedia.mpeg

If everything works you are on the good side.

Now Download a skin from :

Make a directory in your home dir ~/.mplayer/ call this directory Skins
Put your Skins in there.

Now try to run gmplayer..

You will be getting an error about fonts, the solution is somewhere in this forum...

Good luck

tjm 07-31-2003 08:52 AM

Nicely done, especially the ./configure options :)

Only comment : you don't need alsa, I compiled and installed mplayer without it.

When I did install alsa, my sound stopped working.

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