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Zwergele 01-29-2013 04:23 PM

Mutt without GMail
I'd like to set Mutt up in Slack 14 without making use of GMail. Thought it might be better to RTFM before blundering around -- my last dance with Mutt was ver. 1.5.9, and I see ssmtp is no longer in fashion. If anyone has a good URL that can bring me up to date, I would be grateful. Meanwhile I'll look at the latest on the official Mutt site. TIA

diwljina 01-30-2013 04:22 AM

Not sure what you think with "without making use of GMail". mutt doesn't care who your mail provider is. As for ssmtp, mutt now have built in smtp support, so you don't need external program for that, although you can use one if you wish so.

I think this is very good starting place:

Zwergele 01-30-2013 04:46 AM

Obviously I have some homework to do, as about 95% of what I have seen so far is "Mutt with GMail". Regarding Mutt now having the capability of sending mail without using a helper app, well, that comes as a bit of a shock. All I have found so far in the Slackware documentation calls for Getmail and msmtp. I need to look further (and smarter). Thanks very much!

mariostg 01-30-2013 08:55 PM

I setup my little mail server with dovecot & fetchmail on a netbook so I can retrieve my emails from any machine with mutt (or Sylpheed) on my home network. No Gmail here.

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