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rubankumars 04-20-2014 04:43 AM

mplayer crashes when i pause or drag the video to required time in slackware 14.1
I use slackware 14.1 64 bit.Mplayer crashes sometimes when i pause a video or try to drag the video to different time.But,xine works fine.What is the problem with mplayer?

Drakeo 04-20-2014 05:21 AM

Tell you what I do I always recompile mplayer because I enable the none free stuff it can do.

you would be amazed what mplayer can do. From the slackbuild.

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# MPlayer source contains an internal copy of 'libdvdcss' for reading DVD's.
# This is considered illegal software in some countries.
# Also, MPLayer can be built with MP3 (lame) and AMR audio encoders
# (needed for FLV and .3GP videos) but these libraries are 'contaminated'
# with patents from Fraunhofer and GGP.
# Also, the AAC encoder has patent issues.
# You can build these patended algorithms into ffmpeg, and if you are an
# ordinary end user, no one will bother you for using them.
# For the binaries based on this SlackBuild that I distribute, it is a
# different story. I am not allowed to distribute binary packages that
# incorporate patented code. So here you go. My Slackware package was
# built with "USE_PATENTS=NO" i.e. without using
# the lame mp3, faac, AMR and dvdcss libraries.
# This also means that this creates a version of MPlayer that is unable
# to play encrypted DVD's (which is most DVD's on the market). If it is
# allowed in your country to use libdvdcss, this is not a big problem though.
# Install a libdvdcss package and it will be picked up automatically by
# MPlayer's internal libdvdread library, so that MPlayer will again be able
# to play encrypted DVD's.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
but what your saying will happen with system with certain video cards and lower ram.
the freeze used to happen to me.
when i rebuild the Mplayer If you read this part of the slackbuild script.

# MPlayer wants to automatically determine compiler flags,
# so we don't provide CFLAGS.
it configure reads your system cpu and builds it for you computer.
Now you have a nice build that uses all the non free stuff. and it is built custom for your computer.

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