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jayseye 08-06-2004 12:44 PM

Mozilla 1.7 - No File Save / File Open dialogs on Slackware 10.0
Mozilla 1.7 mostly works under Slackware 10.0 (full install), except no dialogs appear for File Open or File Save As. Mozilla continues running, as if the menu option had not been chosen.

Same symptom whether using the mouse or the keyboard to select the menu items. No errors appear when started from a terminal window.

Problem occurs under both KDE and Gnome, either as root or as a normal user. Dialogs for Edit | Preferences work normally, as does everything except Open / Save dialogs.

Have yet to find any mention of this issue on Usenet, MozillaZine, etc. Anyone else seen this issue? Any ideas?

Cedrik 08-06-2004 02:02 PM

Try run mozilla from a x terminal and see if it provides output.

jayseye 08-06-2004 05:00 PM

Thanks for the reply but, as noted in my original post, "No errors appear when started from a terminal window."


Originally posted by Cedrik
Try run mozilla from a x terminal and see if it provides output.

suslik 08-06-2004 06:18 PM

To the best of my recollection, Mozilla uses GTK for Open\Save windows. Not sure this info would help though.

"What I would try"(tm) is Install FireFox from and see if the same windows work there.
- If they dont - you have some kind of dependancy issue. Something to do with GTK\GNOME perhaps.
- If open\save windows DO appear in FireFox - the problem is within Mozilla 1.7

Try that, post what happens.

carboncopy 08-07-2004 11:43 AM

I had the same problem too. I don't know how to fix the problem. On the stock package. I tried

upgradepkg --reinstall mozilla
. It just didn't work.

But what did work is that I download mozilla 1.7 from (not the installer version) And I untar it to /opt/mozilla (your preference). And have the launcher link to /opt/mozilla/mozilla (if I am not mistaken). This FIXED the prob. And never return again. Oh, do remember to link your plugins from the original installation. Becareful with java. Don't install a new java plugin version unless you know what you are doing.

jayseye 08-09-2004 06:38 AM

Confirmed carboncopy's solution by installing the latest version (1.7.2) from Thanks!

Reported this to so they may verify the bug and release an updated package.

jayseye 08-09-2004 11:10 PM

Due to security fixes, an updated Mozilla 1.7.2 is now available for Slackware 10. Located under patches/packages/, it's actually a complete replacement package.

But this Slackware update came out before they received my bug report, so it may have the same lack of File Open / Save dialogs, when run on stock Slackware 10 installed from scratch.

We have a slow dial-up connection, and I already have Mozilla's stock 1.7.2 running. But if the update works, I would download it in order have the standard distro, and to be able to update more easily next time.

Can anyone please confiirm that the File dialogs work in the updated package under Slackware 10.0 ?

davidsrsb 08-10-2004 04:26 AM

I have two 10.0/current systems with 1.7.2 working fine here, one using the Linuxpackages package and the other the Slackware one.
This problem might be related to a problem I had a while back, see:

So far as I can see, running galeon as root messes up mozilla download manager

jayseye 08-10-2004 05:52 AM

Thanks, David -

Has anyone tested File Open / Save dialogs in Slackware's 1.7.2 update from "patches/packages/," on Slackware 10 installed from scratch?

I suspect that my problem was a dependency in Slackware's Mozilla 1.7 package, and the bug may have been avoided / resolved on systems upgraded from Slackware 9.1.

My only issue was with File Open / Save dialogs -- other dialogs, like Edit / Preferences, opened ok.

However, I did not test Download Mgr due to lack of a File Save dialog. And I _had_ run Galeon as root before noticing the bug with Mozilla 1.7. So I just rechecked, and found that Galeon will _not_ run now that the stock Mozilla 1.7 has been uninstalled. But Mozilla's own 1.7.2 binary still works fine after the Galeon failure, including Download Manager and the File Open / Save dialogs.

I would still prefer to go with Slackware's update of Mozilla 1.7.2, if someone can confirm that the File dialogs work on Slackware 10 installed from scratch.

Thanks again,

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