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Nichole_knc 07-02-2004 04:25 AM

Mouse button mapping beyond 4-5
Ok so you can map the scroll wheel and the scroll wheel click works with some programs some of the time.
Now how do you map the other buttons 6-7 to work or to some action.

Reason I am asking is my hubby has on of these fancy optical mouse that has 4 buttons plus the scroll wheel and click. He used to have it set up (in windors) for normal operation with the buttons 6-7 mapped to "backspace" and "home" (top of page). Since he has moved to slack and kde he fussis' cause he does have this. BTW the mouse was easy to set-up in the system.

Is a "driver" required?? It is a Belkins.
Possible "mapping" in the xorg.conf???
Something in KDE???

keefaz 07-02-2004 06:26 AM

I think that should work :
Option "Buttons" "7"
Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" <--maybe you will have to change this

After that, as I have no kde I can't say more

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