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samac 08-30-2009 06:17 AM

Minor problems with Slackware 64 13.0
After following current to the stable release of Slackware64 13.0, I decided to add my /home directory to /etc/fstab and go live. I removed, as advised, ~/.kde/ and ~/.kderc (which had been created for KDE3.5) and I started KDE 4.2.4.

The system seemed slow and there were still artifacts from KDE 3.5 showing up, like trying to open scripts with kedit. The solution I used was to remove all dotfiles from my home folder and re-configure. KDE is speedy again.

K3B doesn't work and you have to install kde3 compatibility from /extra, unfortunately the qt3 apps fonts look shocking. Recompiling qt3 using the slackbuild from /extra/source fixes this problem.

Please let us all know if you have had problems and how you fixed them.


wingevil 08-30-2009 09:49 AM

no KDE = no problems :p

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