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Poetics 05-22-2004 11:43 AM

Minimal Slack 9.1 Install Questions
Hey folks; I'm looking for your input here. I have an old computer laying around I figured I'd turn into a file/print server + firewall/router. After all, what better way to continue to learn the OS than continually push yourself, no? It's a K6/2-500mHz with 128mB ram (going to put 256 in as soon as I can find that other stick), and a 2gB HDD (will be upgraded to 20 when I get money), et cetera.

I'm looking for a straight CLI environment (no X Windows at all), without unnecessary miscellaneous installed packages, but I need your hep in figuring out exactly what packages I'd need for selection during install.

I know I need samba, SSH, iptables, but that's about it. I don't need CUPS or LBR (no printer), and I will be upgrading to 2.6.x soon so I'll install the linux source code. I'm mainly looking for suggestions as to what exactly I should install for the minimum footprint on my drive.

Thanks in advance,
-- Poetics

Edit: I also know I need to act as a DHCP server and I pulled a goof and should have posted this in Slack-Install, my apologies!

gnashley 05-22-2004 04:31 PM

See my HOWTO's on the subject at:
You can download 22MB or 32MB mini-ZipSlack there, also.

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