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waddles 12-27-2012 09:49 PM

microdia 60fc does not display image
I have viewed similar threads and scanned the web over this webcam which did work back in ver 12.1 when I built an av script which managed mplayer to display, copy, cut/paste video, and play audio plus modify the streams. BUT now all I can manage to get from this camera is a green or black background respectively from:
mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video1:width=640:height=480:norm=NTSC:chanlist=usc-cable:noaudio:outfmt=i420 -fps 25 -cache 128 -hue 0 -brightness 0 -contrast 0 -saturation 0 -aspect 4: -vf screenshot -vo xv,x11,
mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:gain=1:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video1:fps=10:outfmt=rgb16 tv:// -vf screenshot
Now I read that it is no longer supported by th sn9c102 but that gspca_sonixj would work. Well almost or I woulda hada picture displayed by these commands.
If U had similar experience with this webcam or can help I am out of ideas?
Also why does fps seem to be a factor? And what does gain do since I am not going to use audio?

unSpawn 01-13-2013 12:20 PM

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