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Andronik 10-11-2004 07:18 AM

messing with /sbin/ldconfig errors.
First it will be short description about not very wise linux learning.

I wished reinstall my 2 pc-s with slackware10.
Took cd-s ,fresh install with 2.4 kernel, full install- thumb everything.

Got swaret update and upgrade all.
Configuration was made to slackware=current and lists was to
Did dependencies. *.success...

After all of it-i had huge list of /sbin/ldconfig messages, pointing that at least ~40-50 libraries were too small, not checking em.
For example and bunch of gtk+ and etc.

first i found, that most were not in enviroment PATH.
Did fix on path, and tried to install manually missing library packets.
Because there was lot of them, and most needed by gnome i did downloaded all gnome2.8. from *.desktop_sources and *.platform sources, also linkers.
And now started gnome compiling nightmare from source. took 2 days on amd 1.8ghz.

From packet to packet-my pc whined less and less about missing lib* libraries.
But now became best part.
Some libraries i compiled for sure ,had still complains.ten of them didn't resolve in any means. (i tried install em from source, from tgz ...nothing)

Result-???.Last i looked those "too small libraries" directly in /usr/lib/ and found ,that they are actually equal to zero.
Deleted them and installed once again.
And thats it.everything started working.

Now question is--why did this happen???
What is exact reason for such unrepairable lib*.so.* issue and how i had to fix it from very beginning?

By the way, did installation of Dropline2.8 same time on second machine- took 2 hours and worked like charm with kernel2.6.8.1, after i reinstalled alsadriver package.(without it didn't start)

darksvr 10-12-2004 02:07 PM

very nice tool to get certain things... I love to use swaret right after a slackware install to applications that I use often and want right away... example would be latest gaim, nano, fluxbox, bbconf, fluxconf, and a few others... BUT never, never, never - ever upgrade all from swaret... ESPECIALLY swaret --upgrade * that will trash the system as you just went through. here is why.. there are older libs and apps than what slack cd install comes with, there are also duplicate apps and libs that can be installed together (never a good idea), and there are newer apps and libs. So you see you will end up with duplicates and apps that require newer libs than others and some that even require older libs than other and there is also the fact that it can make a mess... you may be fixed now but I am willing to bet that you have alot of duplicates and wasted drive space on things that you do not need and possbly should not have... just be glad that swaret by default does not inclid other kde languages or the kernel in the upgrades. swaret is greate for one or two programs at a time so you can keep track and run a removepkg on if it gets botched. but never for an entire upgrade.

Hope this helps.

justin_p 10-12-2004 02:35 PM

I agree with darksvr. I made the jump with swaret from 10 to current with lots of errors. Namely because of the move to xorg 6.8 I believe. Be wary of updating packages with 3rd party piece of software. Slackpkg is now included on CD1. Might be worth a look. Just know what is going on under the covers with tools you are using.

To fix alsa re-install all the alsa packages. go to and look under What to do first for more info. DLG is fun to use but also know that it takes over and replaces lots of system files. Once I had DLG up and running I just added things via source and put them in /opt and then added them to the panel as buttons.

teek 12-20-2004 03:43 PM

same here
I wish I had googled before I hit enter!
I have the same problem, a lot of error messages,

/sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/ is empty, not checked.
/sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/ is empty, not checked.
/sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/ is empty, not checked.
/sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/ is empty, not checked.
/sbin/ldconfig: File /usr/lib/ is empty, not checked.

and a lot more...

People should be warned before doing "swaret --upgrade" everything.

Well, thanx for the info anyway!

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