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TL_CLD 10-10-2006 02:35 PM

makepkg - 10.2 and/or 11.0
I've started using makepkg to create packages of software I use on several different machines. It's simply a great tool!

What I've done is build a computer that does nothing but act as testbed and build-server for the various software I compile from source. This computer is running 10.2 - will packages created on this computer play nice with 11.0, or should I reinstall with 11.0?

Hope someone can help.. :)

Alien Bob 10-10-2006 03:29 PM

Some, but not all programs that you compile on a Slack 10.2 box will run on a Slack 11.0 box. If you want to play safe, install Slackware 11.0 on that test box.

Remember that the more you install on that test box, the more it gets "polluted" as it were, and the possibility exists that the programs you compile and the packages you create there, will pick up dependancies for software that was also installed there before.
Installing a package like that on another box could lead to failure in running the program because it misses the dependant software. Packages downloaded from are notorious for this issue.

I always build every new package on a fresh Slackware installation so that there is no risk of pollution. I avoid the need of re-installing a complete Slackware system after every build by using a Virtual machine (QEMU) and snapshot images. A new Slackware environment is created in a matter of seconds after I close the previous build environment.
Am I still making sense to you :-)


TL_CLD 10-10-2006 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by Alien Bob
[lots of clever stuff]

Am I still making sense to you :-)


No, not really.. hehe :)

I think I understand what you mean though, but I'm not quite sure my abilities are up to doing something like that.

The only packages I need to compile from source is PHP, HTTPD 2.2.x, Postfix, Dovecot and SQLITE. None of these packages have any "special" requirements, so I'm fairly certain the pollution you mention will be very minor. I plan on using this box for nothing else but these few packages.

I will go ahead and install 11.0 instead of 10.2.


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