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WiseDraco 02-03-2014 02:09 AM

mail programm (MUA?) to use instead kmail?
for many years i use default kde kmail. and for many years i also use a kde, but now is a bit too worse the things with akonadi \ nepomuki and other shitty things, as i new slack64 14.1 i decide to switch to xfce instead kde.
but there is another big problem - mail client.
i want to some kmail-style client with pop3 support, support to store messages in files ( not all in one file as microsoft .pst-way), lighweight, handy, do not receive mails when app is closed ( kmail now check when its closed), and can be search over mails by subject, complete message and so on ( who is totally broken in last kmail's), can be import mail from kmail, and no use things like akonadi \ nepomuk and so on for search ( even if serach work, unlike a kmail).

it is hard to chanke MUA after so long years, but not working search in mails kill me.
thanks in advance....

normanlinux 02-03-2014 03:19 AM

For most people the obvious alternative is Thunderbird (Gnome users have their own, can't remember its name as I don't use Gnome).

I have been moving my systems the other way. Off Thunderbird on to kmail! Thunderbird is quite good but I am fed up with the new mail notification telling me that I have 523 new mails or 1049 new mails when I actually have just a few. Also, Thunderbird's junk mail checking is crap.

I use LinkedIn and very many of the messages I get about the Linux group there are flagged as being a scam. This is repeated with a warning pop-up message when I click the link to go to the thread. I could understand if the link were to an unrelated site, but why does Thunderbird warn about a link to the site that sent the message? On the other hand, messages with links to unrelated sites are never flagged as a scam.

I'm not happy about the akonadi overhead, but Thunderbird has totally pissed me off!

lems 02-03-2014 03:34 AM

If you use xfce and want a graphical MUA, have you looked at claws-mail or sylpheed? They are lightweight, and last I checked they used MH folders, i.e. every message is one (numbered) file.

bosth 02-03-2014 10:31 AM

KMail supports Maildir. When you configure to retrieve your mail with POP3, just point it at a Maildir that you have configured in KMail and that's where it will be stored.

You can also disable retrieving mails when KMail is closed.

WiseDraco 02-03-2014 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by bosth (Post 5110445)
KMail supports Maildir. When you configure to retrieve your mail with POP3, just point it at a Maildir that you have configured in KMail and that's where it will be stored.

You can also disable retrieving mails when KMail is closed.

i know all that. if you tell me, what way i can restore old way search in mails, without nepomukakonadi such things, maybe i still sit on KMail...

bosth 02-03-2014 10:40 AM

If it matters that the email search backend is handled by Nepomuk rather than another library, then yes, you must change your email client.

Search works perfectly fine for me in KMail by the way.

frankbell 02-03-2014 08:59 PM

On my primary computer (Slackware --Current), I use the Opera browser's built-in mail client. It's very flexible and configurable and saves me from having to run two programs when one does a first-rate job. Opera also has a very nice built-in RSS client.

I also like Claws-Mail. And it's got a nice library of plugins. I just dumped Thunderbird for Claws in Debian. The Slackbuild works very nicely (I use it on my other Slackware box--the one I use for trying things). Note that Claws does not allow you to compose HTML email, which, as far as I am concerned, is another point in its favor.

re_nelson 02-03-2014 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by normanlinux (Post 5110172)
Off Thunderbird on to kmail!

Same here. When KMail2 was immature (circa KDE4 version 4.4), it was an utter disaster. Similar to the evolution of KDE3 when things stabilized around 3.9.X, so too has the current KDE4 starting around the mid-4.9.X series. It's rock solid in all respects including their mail program.

Just last night after the Super Bowl, I was browsing old mail bulletins that I've received from the ABC News feed and was recalling 1999's XXXIV when Kurt Warner and the Rams beat the Titans (immortalized by Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt in Cast Away). I have well over half-a-million mails spanning the years, both business and personal. It was indeed quite sketchy with KMail2 once a upon a time. Those days are long gone with my setup of using MySQL as the underlying database.

About once every couple of months, I do run this at the command line just to tidy things up and haven't lost a single byte of mail since this became a periodic habit:


akonadictl stop

[...wait for 30 seconds...]

akonadictl status
[...make sure it's stopped...]

akonadictl fsck && akonadictl vacuum && akonadictl start

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