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ayoung 01-17-2008 12:04 PM

m-audio rev51 pcm no sound
I'm using a m-audio revolution 5.1 sound card and using the digital out to my receiver to play sound. I can't get the sound to work on my kde desktop. I'm in the audio and cdrom group. I already ran through alsaconf, alsamixer, and alsactl store commands. I made sure the pcm options were all unmuted in the playback section. I did have a problem with alsaconf loading the onboard sound, but I fixed that by blacklisting the kernel module snd_intel8x0 or something like that. Where do I go from here?

ayoung 01-17-2008 01:26 PM

I was messing around creating a .asoundrc file and after deleting it, I got this error:

Sound server informational message:
Error while initializing the sound driver:
device: default can't be opened for playback (Device or resource busy)
The sound server will continue, using the null output device.

Alien_Hominid 01-17-2008 02:14 PM

It might be busy because some other program is occupying /dev/dsp. This could be Arts (KDE mixer) if you use KDE. Try playing sound in init 3 mode without desktop environment started (you can use aplay, mpg123, mpg321, etc..)

ayoung 01-17-2008 02:52 PM

When i try aplay I get:

aplay: set_params:900: Sample format non available

ayoung 01-17-2008 11:45 PM

As far as I can tell,there aren't any other programs using my sound device. I used the command "lsof |grep snd" and got:

xine 8455 alex 5u CHR 116,0 13864 /dev/snd/controlC0

which is the only program running. Xine still gives me the busy device error.

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