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TracyTiger 09-12-2013 12:54 AM

LQ Slackware Installation Sub-Forum Discussion

Discuss state of Slackware - Installation sub-forum and possible action to improve effectiveness (activity/response) in that sub-forum.

Direct Slackware forum participants to a related thread.



I believe many participants in this forum would agree that the Slackware - Installation sub-forum is not as effective as it should be (putting it nicely).

Often the newest or least experienced users of Slackware post in that sub-forum. Experienced Slackware users also post there with the understanding it is the proper place for the installation issue they raise. Both user groups often receive less attention to their posts than they expected. Most forum participants don't post their installation issues there.

When an LQ member seeks help in the Installation forum and there is minimal or no response from the Slackware forum I believe it hurts Slackware on the whole and discourages those wanting to try to use Slackware. Imagine those new to Slackware that have heard the myth of Slackware use difficulty but none the less have decided to give it a try...only to find little or no support at the official support web site in their first exposure to Slackware.

I believe that the Installation sub-form's low use and slow response is not good for Slackware. New users must be encouraged and supported or eventually there won't be any new users...which ultimately means no users. (I don't mean to exaggerate. I'm just stating a general principal about growth and death of an organization or population.)


Recent Thread in LQ Suggestions & Feedback

Here is recent LQ thread started by ottavio where this topic was discussed a couple of weeks ago.

Note that in that thread Jeremy suggested that installation related threads be reported so than can be moved to the Installation sub-forum.

Originally Posted by jeremy (Post 5012498)
Reporting install-related threads so they can be moved is still the best course of action.

In that thread GazL described his thoughts on the purpose of the current structure and a possible change to better accomplish the original purpose. corvid suggested that sub-forums in general are less effective.

Please read and respond in that thread regarding the structure of the Slackware forum.

In that thread Jeremy also wrote ...

Originally Posted by jeremy (Post 5012506)
Any feedback about the site itself really does belong in the LQS&F forum.

The purpose in starting this new thread is not to subvert the placement of that previous thread, but rather to discuss how to make good use of the forum structure as it is. How can we better support, encourage, and make successful those LQ members exploring Slackware.

If your comments are more about changing the structure of the forum (add/delete sub-forums) then it is probably better to comment in the other thread in LQ Suggestions & Feedback.

It may be that improvements can only be made through forum structural changes. In that case let this post direct you to read and respond in ottavio's thread.

(Did I put in enough links to the "other" thread? :) )

Some have suggested that the problem is one of visibility for the Installation sub-forum. That is, LQ members that browse the top level Slackware forum are not remembering to browse and post in the Installation sub-forum.

Perhaps this a critical mass issue. No posting in the forum means there is no reason to look or post in the forum.

Another issue may be one of low interest by this group to respond to noob questions which may also be poorly defined & poorly worded by someone who may have made just made a single post to LQ and may never return to look at the responses or supply further requested details. How much time and effort do you expend on a potential ghost? Seeing how friendly and patient the participants in this forum are I don't think this is the issue.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Can we, as participants in this Slackware forum, improve the effectiveness of that sub-forum?


Note to Moderator: This thread is about how to improve the use of the Slackware - Installation sub-forum, not about changing the structure of LQ. Please leave this thread in the Slackware forum so that the LQ members who use this Slackware forum (and sub-forum) will see it and be able to participate. We know that some of the posts in this thread may recommend restructuring the LQ forums and understand that any LQ restructuring is a subject for Mr. Volkerding and Jeremy. Thanks.

xj25vm 09-15-2013 11:07 AM

Obviously - these decisions are down to those of far higher station than me :-). However, I just wanted to say that there have been years (until few months ago, actually) until I even found out that there was a Slackware-installation subforum. Don't know what the original reasoning behind its creation was - but from a distance it would seem that not having the subforum at all would probably work out better for everybody. At least people would post questions in the main forum - and stand a better chance of receiving answers (I know I always posted my questions in the main forum anyway - and got answers).

But then again - I might be missing some elements of the bigger picture.

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