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chexmix 02-24-2013 10:12 AM

lots of instances of scdaemon -- normal?
Hi all --

Yesterday I noticed that my Slack64 14.0 stable laptop -- on which I was doing nothing particularly heavy -- was running with the fan at full blast. So I fired up top and found a half dozen or so instances of scdaemon running.

I shut everything down and rebooted. I currently have two of the little boogers popping in and out of my top display. I know that scdaemon is a 'Smart card' daemon connected with gpg-agent and generally not invoked directly ... the procs have my username on them.

Maybe I just need to Google more vigorously, but can anyone tell me whether these are a cause for concern? I've been battling lots of spammers lately and am getting kinda paranoid. :S


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