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AllenKll 11-15-2012 03:16 PM

Open letter to Pat@slackware

There is an note at suggesting this thread, and so I am making it.

While most hardware around nowadays is SMP, there are a number of platforms both old and new that are not. In particular there is the Vortex86 Processor. This processor is exciting and new in the PC104 form factor world and it only supports a 486 instruction set. Not to mention one of the new players in the maker world, the Raspberry Pi. This is single core, and designed for people to play with and learn on.

The nosmp patch saved my ass quite recently when I needed to write a kernel driver for a custom PC104 board. And for this reason alone, I think it should stay. But there are other reasons.

Linux has always been known as the go-to OS for older hardware. As of late, I've noticed the trend for a number of distributions to drop support for older hardware. I think this is actually counter productive to the acceptance of Linux. If you're new to Linux, are you going to try it on your shiny new Win8 PC? Probably not...

Also most tinkerers/makers, who want to try Linux may not have the latest hardware, or the budget to purchase it, or perhaps there is some odd platform they wish to hack/improve. This again is where using huge vs. hugesmp comes in handy.

I submit that this package of slackware not be removed.


suppy 11-15-2012 05:42 PM

Hi there,

While I don't know about things like the Vortex86 and other (what I assume are) x86 compatible processors, I would like to point out that the Raspberry Pi is specifically supported by ARMedslack. See:

/ suppy

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