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true_atlantis 04-28-2004 01:31 PM

LILO LinuxEBDA error to /usr/bin/gdm error
i updated all of slackware 9.1 security updates from


and upgradepkg for all of them... now i get this error when trying to run linux from LILO

The LinuxEBDA is big; kernel setup stack overlaps LILO second stage.

and it hangs... i read a post about booting with the slack cd and checking the lilo.conf file, so i tried to do that. at the boot: i folllow the instructions on how to boot my /dev/hda5. everything seems to work fine untill right before it runs xwinodws... i get this error

/usr/bin/gdm: line 1: //.bashrc: no such file or directory

i booted from the slack disk, and mounted /dev/hda5 to /mnt and opened the gdm file, but there was no //.bashrc in the file, the first line was the #!... to show what kind of script it was

PLEASE HELP, this is my computer i have been using for a while, and my laptop just crashed... im sick of fixin this shtuff

someone in #LINUXHELP on EFnet told me to do 'fsck.ext3' but said i would probubly loose something... is there any other way?? im pretty sure the file system is fine...

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