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clapton 10-08-2004 03:01 PM

Lilo don't write on MBR
Hi people.
I've got slack 10.0 and I have problem with my lilo.
I think that don't load on startup.appears this error:
And system stay static.

When I look to my lilo.conf and verify with kde control center appears this warning
[QUOTE]Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed
Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
Using MENU secondary loader
Calling map_insert_data
Mapping message file /boot/boot_message.txt
Calling map_insert_file
Boot other: /dev/hda1, on /dev/hda, loader CHAIN
Added Windows *
Boot image: /boot/vmlinuz
Added Linux
The boot sector and the map file have *NOT* been altered.[/QUOTE

How can I do to lilo works?
thx :)]

acid_kewpie 10-08-2004 03:35 PM

looks like you're running it in test mode... how are you doing this? through a UI? as root just run /sbin/lilo and that should right. it's the added -t option on lilo that will only simulate the action like youhave shown above.

clapton 10-10-2004 11:00 AM

I've been done this couple of things (lilo and /sbin/lilo) try to take a many things like config my file lilo.config;
I had to fix my MBR with CD XP professional , because I can load anyway with lilo.

egag 10-10-2004 01:02 PM

hi there,

are you able to boot-up Slack, and post your " /etc/lilo.conf "- file here.
i think that would give some info ....


clapton 10-10-2004 01:21 PM

I can go to linux with cd-1 slack and do boot: linux root=/dev/hda6 :)

My lilo.conf is:
# LILO configuration file
# generated by 'liloconfig'
# Start LILO global section
boot = /dev/hda
message = /boot/boot_message.txt
timeout = 1200
# Override dangerous defaults that rewrite the partition table:
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x256
vga = 773
# Normal VGA console
# vga = normal
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x64k
# vga=791
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x32k
# vga=790
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x256
# vga=773
# VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x64k
# vga=788
# VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x32k
# vga=787
# VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x256
# vga=771
# VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x64k
# vga=785
# VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x32k
# vga=784
# VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x256
# vga=769
# End LILO global section
# Windows bootable partition config begins
other = /dev/hda1
label = Windows
table = /dev/hda
# Windows bootable partition config ends
# Linux bootable partition config begins
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/hda6
label = Linux
# Linux bootable partition config ends

egag 10-10-2004 01:34 PM

do you have some virus-protection runnung on your bios ? go to bios-setup (reboot and look at the screen what to do: hit "del." or so ) and look for it. put it off and try again.


clapton 10-11-2004 06:52 AM

I don't have anykind of anti virus soft run on bios startup.

egag 10-11-2004 08:20 AM

well... then try :" #lilo -v3 " ( as root ).
you will get a lot of info and there should be the errer message.


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