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BittaBrotha 07-29-2002 04:17 AM

Lilo Boot Disk
How can I make a lilo boot disk manually? I would like to create one in case something goes wrong.

I made one when I first installed Slack 8.0 with the 2.2.19 kernel and I've since upgraded the kernel to 2.4.18 and need to make a current lilo boot disk.

I tried typing the command "mkbootdisk" at the CLI but got a "Command Not Found" error msg.


linuxcool 07-29-2002 06:38 AM

Try makebootdisk

BittaBrotha 07-29-2002 08:52 PM

Ok, I will have to give that a try...thnx.

LinuxHaven 07-29-2002 11:46 PM

locate mkbootdisk to find the directory where it is stored. Because I'm running RH 7.3, mkbootdisk is in /sbin/mkbootdisk. As linuxcool pointed out, your command name is probably makebootdisk, but my purpose is to introduce you to the locate command ;).

I believe the syntax for mkbootdisk is as follows:
/sbin/mkbootdisk /dev/fd0 linux_version_number
So if you have an image in your /boot called 2.4.18-5, you would type (as ROOT!)
/sbin/mkbootdisk /dev/fd0 2.4.18-5

BittaBrotha 07-30-2002 02:42 AM

Thnx again for the help...I'm at work now but will give it a shot when I get home in the morning.

Now are u saying, I may not have "mkbootdisk" command but may have a directory called "mkbootdisk" with the "makebootdisk" command in it?

I thought I did search for mkbootdisk but I will try again when I get home.

Slack is pretty kool Distro. It's not as hard as some make it seem to install/use!:D

LinuxHaven 07-30-2002 09:35 AM

What I meant is that your distro may have called the boot disk creation program "makebootdisk". My distro calls it "mkbootdisk". If you can't find one, try a "locate" for the other :).

Tinkster 07-30-2002 03:54 PM

slack8: /sbin/makebootdisk

cheers :)

BittaBrotha 07-31-2002 12:08 AM

Got it, thnx!

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