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cor67393 08-17-2005 07:36 AM

libGL is out of sync with DRI - no direct rendering ATI m9
Hi all

I'm trying to get direct rendering on my laptop to work. It uses an ATI M9 card. In my Xorg.0.log everything looks fine:

(II) RADEON(0): Direct rendering enabled
However, glxinfo reports:

direct rendering: No
I'm following the DRI troubleshooting at
I found, per their instructions, that:

libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/
libGL error: dlopen /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ failed (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ undefined symbol: _glapi_get_dispatch)
libGL error: unable to find driver:

The advice is that I install my drivers and libgl from sources. How do I go about this? Or is there an update available for Slackware (using packages from current instead of 10.1)?

- Any help appreciated, thanks in advance

shashir 08-18-2005 04:15 PM

I think it is part if Mesa... compile Mesa

LiNuCe 08-19-2005 11:51 AM

Re: libGL is out of sync with DRI - no direct rendering ATI m9
Did you try the official DRI snapshot for the R200 ? You need to download the latest common-*.tar.bz2 and r200-*.tar.bz2 archives, then you should extract each archive and run its script. In case of trouble, you could restore overwritten X.Org's files by reinstalling x/*.tgz packages.

-- LiNuCe

cor67393 08-20-2005 08:06 AM

Just some update on the 'progress'

shashir's advice was to compile MESA, but this didn't make a difference. To top this off, I followed to build X from CVS. This pretty much made
starting X impossible, but I can't remember the specifics...I reinstalled slackware's own X again real fast.

I followed LiNuCe's suggestion and installed the two archives. Now, the driver correctly finds my external monitor so I have a lovely mergedfb, which I was also trying to get to work. However, the dri has become worse. Loading the dri module form xorg.conf now causes X not to start at all...


Symbol noXFree86DRIExtension from module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libdri.a is unresolved!

  *** If unresolved symbols were reported above, they might not
  *** be the reason for the server aborting.

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11.  Server aborting

Commenting out the DRI parts makes the server start, but no direct rendering of course. There are no errors being reported, and only warnings when the driver is looking for the vrefreshrange of the monitor.

Disabling the mergedfb to only load one monitor doesn't solve anything.

I also installed the archive but this didn't
make a difference.

I'm taking a small break from this all, as I'm already happy that mergedfb works nicely and I have exams coming up. When I get around to it, I'll try all this again, because I might have messed up a few things installing all the packages.

Thanks for the advice so far!

NoeticRapture 08-21-2005 08:47 AM

I had problem after problem getting direct rendering going for my notebook's Radeon IGP320, and initially you made a comment about glxinfo telling you it was disabled, but the Xorg log saying it had been enabled -- there's a beautiful page that helped me on the DRI site, but at some point I had the silliest problem of direct rendering only being available for root. Have you tried putting at the end of your xorg config file:
Section "DRI"
Mode 0666
Just a quick suggestion; may be useless, may fix it all up for you. Been awhile, but I'm pretty sure I get similar symptoms without that in my xorg.conf

cor67393 08-21-2005 12:13 PM

Yes, I tried that.

I've installed gentoo on the laptop, thinking that if I get used to compiling from source to get all the little tricks and treats to work, that will help out, and I guess it did because it works like a charm now. Pity about losing Slackware though, guess I'm just too lazy to really look into it...

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