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tincat2 01-30-2003 03:58 PM

libc6 on slack
i'd like to put wordperfect on my slack 8.1 but it insists on libc6(will it go with glibc and how)-ihave the .deb pkg, but how to install(Kpkg can't even find it)-apparently,i can unpack it into /usr/local without ill effects,but how and thence to where-also i have installed xforms as a prelude to jazip but jazip can't find it-it's in /root,so i would think it's not a path issue. any help is always appreciated-thanks in advance

Excalibur 01-30-2003 10:20 PM

The last version of Slack that I know that WordPerfect for Linux will install and run correctly is Slackware version 7.0. I think I starting having problems with WordPerfect for Linux on Slack version 7.1. I thought it might just an install script issue, so I attempted to install manually with a functioning system as a guide. It still wouldn't operate. Corel had even stopped the support and development before it was sold. There later products for Linux were not really for Linux, but rather ran under wine.

If you would like to read about some of the issues around it, and some of the fixes and work arounds then try this site They explain fairly well what libraries, X and kernel issues are required. You can then decide if it is worth the effort for you.

I elected to just create a partition on my notebook for Slack 7, configure some simple networking for printer support, and install WordPerfect. But my use is only occasional. With the newer packages that are available, I could not see the effort for my limited use.

Good luck!

tincat2 01-31-2003 12:58 AM

the product which i happened upon was wordperfect office2000 deluxe and it seems to be meant to run under wine as the wine rpms are on the cd-the package came with several apps as well as corel linux os and railroad tycoon gold edition by loki all for $4 so i figured i couldn't get beat up too bad-now i'm thinking add corel linux to my sys and install wp there-i have root,swap,/home,and/tmp partitions on a 30gb drive-how could i setup corel to dual boot with slack-thanks for any thoughts and your observations

Aussie 01-31-2003 02:09 AM

You'd be better off with a newer distro and openoffice, corel linux has been a has been for a couple of years now, it's just been reborn as xandros though, wordperfect was more of a hack than a port to linux, open office is better, and that game should run just as well on a newer distro.

tincat2 02-01-2003 02:03 AM

the tycoon game is up and seems to be running good on slack(which is and will be my main sys). it's my first computer game of any complexity and i like it so far-reminds me of strategy games
i played long ago only with an enervating level of activity to it.
corel is just a matter of curiosity to me as is wp. open office was causing some probs on my brother's mandrake and i have had trouble with both sun's 5.2 and 6.0-may have been my setup,
though-just working my way to stuff i can learn to setup and use reliably. i always appreciate everyone's comments as i find they often open new doors to info and exploration-thanks

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