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Danus ex 01-31-2005 07:35 PM

LDAP in KDE 3.3.2/KAddressbook/Slackware current

One niggling problem I've been having with KDE on Slack is that I can't get KMail/Addressbook to access my school's LDAP. It produces the following error:

Your KDE installation is missing LDAP support, please ask your administrator or distributor for more information.

So I Google the problem, expecting it to be common, and surprisingly it's not! After a little more investigation, it seems that my 'kioslave' does not have LDAP support, when the kioslave on the KDE CVS tree can access LDAP servers. I was just gonna try and replace it, but before I go and do something stupid, I'm gonna check in here to see if anyone else has dealt with this or knows a better way.


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