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Viper 10-21-2002 12:25 AM

Larger Scale Networking
I am working on setting up as a internet hosting provider. What would be the best way to setup the network / foundation, so that I can add computers later without having to shut down the whole network, and the least amount of hassle...

I will be providing Web & webmail services, "no dial up"
Just offering space on the web.

rohang 10-21-2002 01:24 AM

This depends on what you plan to use for routing/switching.

If you're talking about adding devices (PC's etc), normally there shouldn't be any downtime on your network.

Viper 10-21-2002 03:08 AM

Well, first I'm very familiar with my linksys router. I'm not familiar with switches.
I'm thinking that setting up a dhcp server instead of either may be the way to go but not sure. Basically I want to setup so that people can signup and then login and access thier email and webspace, using Mysql and PHP.
For example:
Do I setup 2 computers that load balance and handle the webspace and webmail?
or do I add another computer that just holds a bunch of raid drives that holds all the data, for the webspace and webmail space and the first two computers run web and email servers?

or do I need webservers load balancing and another 2 computers running the email servers?

I'm thinking 2 DNS Servers that points to the IP Address that the DHCP Server is at, then from thier starting out with 2 load balanced web and email servers, that read off another computers raid drives. Then as needed add more computers for load balancing and more to hold the raid drives as neccessary.
Also I'm curiouse if this is the best way to setup. Are the computers that hold the mass storage raid drives considered to be fileservers? and are the processors really ever used on the raid drive computers? Or would I have that computer run the MySql Server and then would it be the backend database sever that would need a hot dual or quad processor setup?

These are the kind of questions I can't seem to find the answers to. Also I feel some of my limitations may be on how to ask Questions, because I'm not all that familiar on how everything works. If I could just get the info on how to setup I can study and do the setup, unless I can somehow be lucky enough to find a roadmap.

" Just how to setup the foundation?"

Viper 10-22-2002 11:50 AM

Well, anybody with this kind of knowledge out there ???

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