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tigerflag 12-30-2003 09:30 AM

Kmail links open to wrong destination path
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I'm using Konqueror 3.1.4 and Kmail 1.5.4 that came with KDE 3.1.4.
I have a stand-alone box with no network or servers running. All I do is connect to the Internet via a dialup modem. I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out.

I have Kmail setup with the default security settings (no HTML). When I click on a link in an email, instead of opening the URL in Konqueror, it saves it to a destination path like:


Konqueror then will open and display the page, but with the path wrong, none of the links in that page will subsequently open.

How can I change the default path so email links open to something like:

Thanks for your time. Peace!

Siri Amrit

stelmed 12-30-2003 09:14 PM

Well, I managed to make opera open succefully html links from Kmail.
Here it is how (I guess the settings are the same for konqueror too)
Goto Control Center > KDE components > file association. Then in text you will find htm, html. On Application preference order click on konqueror then edit and go to tag "Execute" it should be something like this:
/usr/local/opera/./opera %u -newpage. Make the path appropriate for your case. I hope it will help.

tigerflag 12-30-2003 10:43 PM

Thank you, stelmed! It was as simple as editing the Execute command to read:
" konqueror %u "

Greece is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It's been thirty years since I had the pleasure of visiting, but I remember it vividly. Peace! and Happy New Year!

Siri Amrit

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