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Ook 11-25-2011 10:31 PM

kernel panic when booting 13.37 or current usbboot.img
msi 890fxa-gd70 board, 8gb ram, ati hd 5870 gpu.
four (4) terrabyte drives.

Slackware current 64 bit. Been using this for a while on this box and it has been rock solid, works great.

I moved my hard drives to different sata ports as I was doing some organizing (long story) and after wards I would get a kernel when trying to boot. Thinking I needed to reinstall lilo, I tried to boot from a slack install usb stick, one that I've used successfully dozens of times, and it too gave a kernel panic. So I burn usbboot.img onto a different usb stick. Boot. Kernel panic. wtf, try a third usb stick, and this time use the 13.37 usbboot.img from a fresh download. kernel panic. Now I'm starting to panic - I make a living on my computer, and when it's dead I don't make $$.

So I boot from a live CD (plop) and it boots. I try Vector classic live, it boots. I boot to WinXP64, it works. I'm pretty sure my hardware is good.

How do you go about trouble shooting this? It doesn't leave any log entries behind, and the screen display doesn't tell me anything.

fatmac 11-26-2011 06:06 AM

When you moved the disks, you obviously upset Lilo, its been known to get upset easily.

Probably best to boot with same version Slackware kernel, chroot into your boot disk,
& then, first check lilo.conf, before re running lilo.

(If my memory serves me right, that should do it)

Confirm your download isn't getting corrupted, otherwise, there is no reason for it not to boot the kernel on your computer.

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