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tungsten 07-02-2003 03:14 PM

Kernel config dual Intel Tuatalin

I have just compiled a kernel for my work station and it vent quite well due to god advices from laurentbon:

The last problem to solve is the cash memory size that is reported to be 32 kb when doing a 'more /proc/cpuinfo' , it should be 512 kb.

The machine is equipped with dual Intel Tualatin processors.

At the kernel configuration the processor type was selected to be Intel P3.

Some one have an idea how to solve?



Tinkster 07-02-2003 03:33 PM

You must be using a kernel older than 2.4.20-rc2...

In rc2 the recognition for this CPU's cache size
was fixed.

Get a more recent kernel ;)

P.S.: Google is your friend ;)

tungsten 07-03-2003 01:52 AM

Hi Tinkster,

I am using the kernel "bare.i" , 2.4.20-noarch-5

Where can I found the 2.4.20-rc2...?

Best regards

tungsten 07-03-2003 09:23 AM


The problem is solved.

I down loaded 2.4.21-noarch-5


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