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Agent69 06-05-2002 12:40 PM

Kernel Building on Slack-8
I recompiled the 2.4.5 Linux kernel from the kernel sources included with Slack-8. Using "make menuconfig", I optimized the kernel for my system. I ended up with a 700k kernel without using modules! I'm pretty happy with my kernel.

Now I would like to try the currrent stable kernel, which I believe is version 2.4.18. Is the 2.4.18 source available as just that, or do you have to download an eariler version of the kernel and apply a ton of patches? Also, has anyone had any problems running 2.4.18 on Slackware 8?

Thanks in advance!!

Jeff Flowers

taz.devil 06-05-2002 01:27 PM

2.4.18 on Slack runs like a gem! No patches are needed, they are just for step-ups so to speak, eg. 2.4.5-->2.4.6
Just download the 2.4.18 source, I think the .bz2 is the smallest of them, untar it and off you are.

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